Automating ExCellence

SCA has partnered with Cup of Excellence to launch Automating Excellence, a new initiative bringing together major super-automatic machine manufacturers to create a space where attendees can taste the world’s finest coffee brewed by a selection of the most innovative fully-automated machines. 


Traditional espresso culture in a new dimension. The Schaerer Barista combines the fundamental principles of a portafilter machine and the skills of a barista with the easy operation and process reliability of a fully automatic coffee machine: all quality-related parameters, including grind level, coffee dosing and tamping, are set individually during on-site installation. All the operator has to do is insert the portafilter and select a drink. At the same time, traditional steps such as knocking out the portafilter or frothing the milk (manual or automatic) provide an array of typical sounds.

Technology becomes art. The Black&White4 is a powerful professional among the coffee machines. With an innovative milk foam system, IoT and new features for a maximum beverage quality, the visually impressive machine assures the highest pleasure for the passionate coffee lover – refined with latte art from LatteArtist®.        

Prontobar Touch is a bean to cup coffee machine that is big inside and compact outside. Today even more advanced and with so many new technologies that make it easier to use, quieter and more productive.

We went big, with a large 7” touch screen display and a completely new software created by adopting the best user-experience principles.

Prontobar Touch is the quietest machine ever. A result obtained through the combination of Silent technology and the introduction of the volumetric pump. In addition to optimizing the result in the cup, the anti-vibration system of the grinding chamber allows you to operate in a pleasant silence.

With the Easycream technology, barista can obtain quickly and automatically a dense and velvety milk cream like that of the finest latte art professionals. Prontobar has a metal and thermocompensated  delivery group which guarantees maximum precision for temperature control and, therefore consistent quality.

With their precisely engineered patented TANGO® stainless steel brew group, well-known for their high quality of coffee extraction, and other favorite features like precision Ø 80mm grinders blades, its PID temperature-controlled brew head and pressure-controlled boilers, the super automatic TANGO® machines offers an intuitive user interface that allows for limitless experimentation of coffee profiles. The TANGO® range includes the unique 2-groups TANGO® Duo able to deliver 4 beverages simultaneously plus water and steam for demanding professional use, and the 1-group models TANGO® Solo and TANGO® Ace that meet the market's specific demands for performance, reliability, and the guarantee of a perfect and consistent result in every cup. 

The TANGO®STP Solo is recommended for coffee and restaurant chains, bars, hotels… with medium to high busy business turnover, aiming to automatically transform coffee and fresh milk into tailored drinks with heated or cold milk or foamed milk with a silky and smooth texture. 

Melitta Machine.png

The Melitta® Cafina® XT8 is the fastest in its family. Large grinding discs and the compact stainless-steel brewing unit speed up the grinding and brewing process. Enjoy this brief moment while it lasts. Refined aluminium housing  (anodised and shot-blasted), ergonomically tilted control panel, 10,4“ touch display with robust glass panel (3 mm),  narrow strips of light on the height-adjustable zinc die-cast dispenser.
Two varieties of milk. Two varieties of  hot chocolate. And, in parallel, up to 40 litres of hot water/hour for tea lovers. The Melitta® Cafina® XT8 leaves no wish unfulfilled.


iQFlow by Franke revolutionizes the traditional espresso concept and sets a new standard for taste profiling and extraction. iQFlow extracts more aroma under constant pressure over the entire extraction time than previous systems. Taste profiles can be varied even more individually. It ensures each pre-set taste profile in real time.

The A1000 takes drink variety to a new level. With its flavor station and up to 6 different flavors, choice of two types of milk, it meets every customers wish. Nutritional and allergen information can be displayed on the state-of-the-art touch screen. The automatic cleaning system guarantees a sparkling clean machine daily. In coffee shops, restaurants or canteens, at motorway service stations or cafés, at supermarkets or petrol stations, getting a coffee to go or at the airport: every guest is guaranteed a delicious coffee just the way they like it.

Gruppo Cimbali.png

The LaCimbali S30 Perfect Touch is the new superautomatic by LaCimbali, a Gruppo Cimbali brand. The Gruppo Cimbali is world leader in the design and production of professional machines for making coffee, cold milk-based beverages, soluble beverages and cafe equipment.

The LaCimbali S30 features a revolutionary 10.4" touchscreen display, providing an innovative barista/machine interface and an integrated bi-directional WiFi system that enables consumption data analysis, software updates, recipe control and personalisation of the onscreen images.

The LaCimbali S30 dispenses an exciting assortment of drinks and can prepare both hot and cold frothed milk, so users are offered a wide, varied menu of recipes based on coffee, chocolate and hot or cold frothed milk.

And there's yet another innovative feature - the PGS Perfect Grinding System, which constantly monitors the dispensing parameters and automatically carries out any corrections made to dosage and grind, ensuring consistent dispensing times and outstanding extraction quality.


The c’2 Cameo is the first Eversys super-automatic coffee machine that looks like a traditional one. It is our most technologically advanced espresso machine to date, further bridging the gap between traditional and super-automatic technology with authentic design lines, advanced functionality and exceptional coffee quality.

Its advanced technology includes but is not limited to: 

A sophisticated Electronic Milk Texturing (EMT) system, allowing barista to create bespoke milk foams and textures. 

An improved e’Foam system, which allows barista to texture milk electronically, in 2 -steps, giving them the freedom to be more creative. 

A new generation modular system, which promotes quicker maintenance and ease of use. 

Variable Tea Temperature system, offering operators variable water temperatures to adapt to different types of tea.

With the c’2 Cameo, we want to bring inspiration and innovation to every barista– by freeing them to do what they do best: bringing the human touch to coffee making, allowing them to focus on the creative side of the barista’s role.

Rancillo Group.png

Egro NEXT is the new frontier in fully automatic coffee machines. Featuring stylish ergonomic design, the Egro NEXT is intuitive, easy to use and to clean. It guarantees a top quality in-cup result for all types of hot or cool coffee, milk and powder-based drinks. Operators can select two types of coffee bean as well as different milk and chocolate products. Every drink comes in different combinations and can be completely personalised thanks to the touchscreen interface based on the Android operating system.
Egro NEXT has been designed mainly for use in hotels, fast-food outlets, convenience stores, service stations, cafes and self-service facilities and will be export all over the world. it is available in 3 versions:
Pure Coffee, Quick Milk and Top Milk.
Thanks to CONNECT telemetry system, Egro Next enables the operator to monitor all the operations of a single fully automatic machine or of a whole set of machines.