Event Host Sponsor BWT water+more will amaze your taste buds

Water optimisation expert BWT water+more has a lot to offer at World of Coffee 2019! For over 10 years, the top solution provider has been the coffee water specialist for baristas the world over. It's a win-win for everyone: Coffee professionals get coffee-making water with outstanding mineral balance. It makes ideal sensory results possible anywhere in the world. Customers get even better coffees. And BWT water+more is delighted by its huge success and close connection with the barista community.

Through their commitment, the professionals contribute to making World of Coffee possible. And they show you what water is capable of, particularly when it comes to coffee! Get this minerally-balanced boost of freshness from the BWT water+more water cart, and experience how fantastically pure water can taste!

Use the water specialist's super-service to order the ideal coffee-making water for your own coffee bars. First-class for sensations, free of charge, and as much as you like! The water hosts from BWT water+more supply the water in practical 18-litre bottles directly to your stand.

'Aha moments' for all are promised at the Coffee Cupping on BWT water+more's Stand C27/D22, where an identical coffee is prepared with unfiltered water and variously-optimised types of water from the Netherlands. And you can also enjoy a live experience of the way in which different waters influence the extraction parameters of the coffee in a three-group espresso machine. So you can discover which water brings out the most flavoursome coffee!

There is even more to discover at the BWT water+more stand: the water experts are exhibiting drawings by the artist Stefan Kuhnigk, whose works already enjoy a cult following. Exclusively for BWT water+more and you, he brings the good "wams" and the horrible "womps" from coffee stains to life!

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