Vintage Espresso Machines at WOC | The Henk Langkemper Collection

Visit the Park Foyer at World of Coffee Amsterdam to see a beautiful display of twenty five vintage espresso machines, part of the Henk Langkemper Collection.

Dutch-born Henk Langkemper, a coffee machines entrepreneur, has spent the last 30 years sharing the history and culture of espresso coffee through his vast collection of beautiful vintage machines.



La San Marco Lollo Brigida

Gaggia Internazionale

Rancilio Ducale

La Marzocco Rondine

Faema Prestige Pink

Faema Nettuno


Henk’s passion for vintage bar machines was manifested at the beginning of the nineties. When he went to work in Italy, he bought his first vintage espresso coffee machine which he found in the cellar of an old closed bar. His curiosity was ignited, and so was his decades-long hunt for new specimens at flea markets and antique fairs throughout Europe and the world.

On display at World of Coffee Amsterdam will be a series of beautiful and rare vintage machines in Henk’s collection— including the La Marzocco Rondine, of which only six are known to exist in the world, and the Faema Nettuno model, which is considered an icon of 1950s Italian espresso history.

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