SCA media Policies

Professional Photography/Videography

  • Filming and photography is permitted during regular attendee hours, and is prohibited on the show floor during set up and tear down hours, except within an exhibitor's own booth, with written permission from SCA, or by badged members of the press.
  • Photographers and videographers who are filming for commercial (non-press) purposes are required to disclose who their client is and a description of the project to anyone being filmed and obtain the appropriate signed release forms from both individuals and authorized company representatives.
  • Images of a booth and its contents for commercial purposes may only be electronically recorded with the consent of the exhibitor. SCA reserves the right to revoke the credentials of violators and remove the violator from the exhibit hall.
  • Photographers must respect anyone’s request to not be filmed.
  • Live streaming of any kind is prohibited in Lecture rooms and Education classes.
  • No photography or video is allowed in Coffee Skills Program classes without the express permission of the trainer as it can be intrusive to the learning environment. Trainers reserve the right to ask a photographer to leave their class if necessary.
  • Drone/aerial filming is strictly prohibited.

Social Media

  • Attendees are encouraged to actively post live from the event on various social media networks. Those attending and exhibiting at the event understand that they may be captured in the background of social media posts and consent in advance.
  • Cyber bullying is never allowed at an SCA event and will be swiftly addressed. For more information, see the SCA Code of Conduct.
  • Professional social media managers and those posting on behalf of a company are expected to adhere to the same policies listed above for professional photographers/videographers.

SCA Photography

  • SCA reserves the right to photograph, and record video and audio at events and exhibits for training or marketing purposes. By attending or exhibiting at an SCA event, you consent to being captured in photos, videos, and audio recordings.
  • SCA honors any request to not use a photo if the person in the photo wishes to not have their likeness used for promotional purposes.