Our partnership and marketing opportunities are designed to maximize your brand's presence at World of Coffee. Click on any of the categories below for detailed descriptions of each partnership opportunity.


Event Host Sponsor

Sponsorship fee: €80,000

This prominent sponsorship opportunity enables the sponsor to gain maximum visibility as the welcoming host of 8,000 Specialty Coffee professionals.

  • The right to be designated official Event Sponsor of the SCA World of Coffee
  • Use of status of Event Sponsor in Company Advertising and promotional campaigns for the duration of the agreement
  • Promotion as Event sponsor on the event website and show newsletters (Ezines) to exhibitors, participants and visitors to World of Coffee
  • Educational Opportunities
  • The opportunity to provide entertainment to official SCA events
  • Event Sponsor included in comprehensive marketing strategy with SCA to maximise the promotion of this support
  • Branding on welcome banner to World of Coffee
  • Recognised as Event Sponsor in all press releases for the event
  • Logo to be included on tickets
  • A supply of tickets to invite visitors to World of Coffee 2018

Official Producing Country

Sponsorship fee: €50,000

The Official Producing Country Sponsorship offering gives the producing country a unique opportunity to market itself as an origin. The Official Producing Country will be highlighted through out the event.

  • Recognition as Official Producing Country to all press contacts and in press releases about the event
  • Entry on event website and newsletter to help promote Origin’s “brand” - stories, competitions in collaboration with sponsor’s marketing office
  • Opportunity to host reception in the SCA Lounge during World of Coffee Amsterdam
  • Recognition by way of:- Logo on website; Logo on official literature; Logo on official show App; Logo on show Signage
  • Opportunity to provide entertainment at official SCA events
  • Cupping room sessions
  • Educational opportunities
  • Dedicated Ezine to World of Coffee visitor database
  • Additional opportunities for coffee placement through-out event

Roaster Village Headline Sponsor

Sponsorship fee: €15,000

The Roaster Village is the place where micro roasters meet customers, coffees are roasted, brewed and tasted. The Village Headline Sponsorships offers the sponsor the chance to promote themselves as part of the latest trends in coffee sourcing, handling, roasting, brewing and distribution, not to mention coffee tasting, which there will be a lot here.

  • Logo and recognition on large entrance banner/portal to the Roaster Village
  • Recognition and mention of the sponsor when Village is mentioned
  • Recognition in the Daily Edition and feature in the event newsletter
  • Prominent position in the Village to promote activities

Roaster Village Sponsors

Sponsorship fee €5,000 (3 opportunities)

As well as the Headline Village Sponsor other opportunities are also available in the Roasters Village, including supply of product or equipment to the Roasters Village brew bar.

  • Recognition and mention of sponsor when the Village is mentioned
  • Supply of product or equipment to Roaster Village as required
  • Prominent position in the Village to promote activities
  • Recognition in event Newsletter

Best New Product Competition

Sponsorship fee: €10, 000

The Best New Product Competition provides a unique opportunity for high visibility and attention from both visitors and exhibitors, at the core of what this is all about: the best new products.

  • Recognition of the sponsor on all registration material for Best New Product
  • Feature in the event Newsletter
  • Sponsor branding on presentation stage, product display area, judge badges, scoring sheets and related materials

Attendee Bag Sponsor

Sponsorship fee: €5, 000 + production costs

Every visitor to the event will be given a bag with information about the city, the event programme and other topics.

  • Create attend bag for hand out to each visitor with Sponsor’s logo and design
  • Quantity: 8,000 bags
  • Design Subject to SCA Marketing approval

Event App Sponsor

Sponsorship fee: €15, 000

The Event App provides an excellent opportunity to promote your business to thousands of users prior to and during the event. The World of Coffee 2018 Show Guide will be housed solely to the Event App.

Logo and recognition on the app’s promotional material Logo and recognition on the app interface Recognition and mention of sponsor when the app is mentioned