Discover where coffee greatness starts
at WoC 2018, booth D24 - C29

Café de Colombia is the denomination given to a 100% washed Arabica coffee produced in the coffee growing regions of Colombia. It originates from the particular combination of diverse factors such as the latitude and altitude of the country's coffee growing zone, its soils, the botanical origin of the species, the ever changing topography, the luminosity, and the favorable temperature range within the day and throughout the year. These factors as well as the hard work of Colombian coffee growers lead to the production and sale of the richest coffee in the world. 

Colombian coffee is described as mild beverage, of a clean cup, with a medium to high acidity and body, and a pronounced and complete aroma. It is a balanced coffee with a sensory profile of excellent quality. 

To understand why Colombian coffee is so especially diverse it’s to recognize the work, care and passion of Colombian coffee growers who over 90 years ago got together to create the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, an institution that represents them, defend their rights and seek ways to improve their quality of life. 

Due to the uniqueness of Colombian coffee, producers have made an effort to become allies with owners of 100% Colombian coffee brands that are not only conscious on the importance of the product's origin, but who also want to sell a product that represents values that respect and prioritize the social and environmental aspects of growing coffee. 

Here are a few facts to Colombian coffee greatness:

  • 100% handpicked and fresh coffee all year round.
  • 550,000 coffee growing families
  • 3’000,000 direct and indirect jobs are generated from coffee growing
  • 45% of Colombian coffee farms comply with sustainability programs
  • 944 worldwide brands have the 100% Colombian Coffee logo
  • 78% of the coffee plantations are rust resistant


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