We have a number of initiatives in place this year to help reduce our environmental impact and improve the future of coffee. Help us implement these systems by getting involved!


Waste Management: The RAI Amsterdam together with their waste processing partner Renewi believes in 100% waste recycling. This is based on the principle of zero waste and the concept that all waste is material looking for a new destination. The RAI will operate a separation waste system throughout the halls at World of Coffee for both exhibitor and visitor waste.

Sustainable Power: There have been 1,632 solar panels on the roof of Hall 8 since the end of 2013, covering over 60% of the roof. The system produces 360,000 kilowatt hours, equivalent to the annual electricity supply of 140 Amsterdam households.

Sustainability can be fun at World of Coffee! A World Record attempt will be made to make the world’s first espresso from 100% human energy in the shortest time.  The coffee will be judged by a coffee judge with a refractometer, to get in the sweet spot. There will be three cyclists, doing one by one attempt located at the Timetable Stage.

Transport: RAI Amsterdam aim to ensure that each visitor proceeds safely and efficiently to reduce any impact on their surroundings by preventing congestion, stimulating alternatives to car use, and limiting and preventing emissions, nuisance and noise disturbance. The RAI is a Hello-Bike parking spot. The train, metro and tram all provide transport to the RAI venue from all over the Netherlands.


ZERO Waste Policy: Recycling bins will be available throughout the venue to make it easy to choose to recycle. Reduce paper waste by asking exhibitors for digital options when collecting business cards or marketing materials and download the World of Coffee App. 

Transport: Amsterdam is known as the City of Bikes. Why not cycle and take in the city on your way to the show? Alternatively walk or take advantage of the Amsterdam RAI train station, tram and metro stops situated a stone's throw from the RAI complex.

Bring or Buy a Reusable Drinking Vessel:  Choose to reuse! Bring your own drinking vessel and help reduce the amount of paper and plastic that makes it to landfill and into our oceans. Need a break from caffeine? BWT water+more will have a water station at their stand where you can refill.


Zero Waste: As a separation system will be in place for the event, please look before you bin it and recycle all materials in the correct containers.  Ensure all waste is removed from the venue after the show or recycled in the correct manner.

Organic Waste:  Be Waste Wise! The RAI ensures all Organic waste and oils & fats are converted into biofuel and delivered back to the RAI as green energy. Please ensure you put your waste in the right place.

Coffee Waste: Containers will be supplied throughout World of Coffee for all coffee grind waste at the show to be recycled. Containing Mushrooms will be using WOC coffee grind waste as fertilizer for their famous oyster mushrooms.